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Nate Muñoz


SoulAlter Christian Clothing is an online apparel store founded out of the North East coast. The online store is prepared to sell and deliver our apparel anywhere in the U.S. Our designs are the urban alternative for positive, motivational wear.


SoulAlter message-based apparel gives the ability to speak about where your beliefs lie for even the timidest believer. Our creative, clear designs offer evangelistic tools for the missionaries far away or to the street team walking on your block.


SoulAlter is built up from simple grassroots beginnings. With the purpose to equip our men and women and express themselves through visual strength of style. Allowing them to reach the lost for Christ one neighborhood at a time.


Society has always been raised by pop culture and all its influences. Consistently learning morals that are contrary to the Word, enabling all to get over and ahead by any means necessary. SoulAlter truly gives a walk against the grain approach to life. The streets show that words of love have been diffused and replaced with selfish pleasures. Greatness is now measured by social status and valuable materials instead of by honorable decisions and exemplary guidance.


So as a people, if we are the head and not the tail then why do we allow ourselves to fall into the standards of the world around us? As men and women of faith SoulAlter designs seek to re-educate pop culture to love, respect, and to hold Godly values. By reaching the “Soul(s)” around us and praying for a renewing (”Alter”) of their minds and by then they have the properly guided foundation to make Christ-centered decisions in life.


“Train up a child in the ways of the Lord and he shall not depart from it”. 

~Pr. 22:6.

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